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It is the users' directory assistant. It has extensive features such as blocking calls from unknown numbers and spam calls.

You may use the Getcontact application through smart phones on iOS and Android platforms.

  1. Download the Getcontact application from the Application Store and run it.
  2. Enter your telephone number to complete your membership sign up.
  3. Enter your profile information.
  4. You can query numbers registered on the Getcontact database through the Query section on the application page.
  5. You may find your previous queries under Query History.
  6. You can protect yourself from unwanted calls by activating the spam section.

We send a PIN code to your phone via SMS to confirm that you are a real user. You may start using the application by entering this PIN code to the application.

Getcontact application is completely free.

Spam call feature has been set using certain algorithms and this algorithm analyses the behaviours of millions of Getcontact users.

You can edit your display name under the profile section.

As per the Getcontact user agreement, details of those saving the entries are confidential. We are unable to share any details regarding the numbers entered except for the contact information.

When you edit your name, you need to wait for 72 hours for our records to be updated.

Our directort keeps getting updated and the Getcontact database grows everyday. A number you cannot find today may be recorded tomorrow.

If you are a Getcontact user, other users may request a permission to view your contact details through the application. If you give permission, you mutually share your contact details. If you don't give permission, other users cannot see your contact details.

Anybody, even if they are not a Getcontact user, can prevent their number to be listed in the search results. This can simply be done for free on this link: https://www.getcontact.com/unlist

Your telephone number will be unlisted 72 hours after you remove it from the Getcontact list. When you start using the Getcontact application again with the same number, it will be relisted.

There is an unsubscribe button underneath every email we send. You will unsubscribe if you click this button.

If you remove the call from your phone call history, it will be automatically removed from Getcontact.

Unfortunately private numbers are masked by cell phone operators. For this reason we can not look up for unknown numbers.

No. We certainly do not store this kind of user information.

1.The reason why we ask for Camera and Gallery access permissions: If you want to add images to your Getcontact profile, you will need these standard permissions.

2.The reason why we ask for SD (Storage) card permission: Your images are usually saved on the SD (Storage) card  in your android device. If you want to add images to your Getcontact profile, you will need this standard permission.

3.The reason why we ask for billing permission: Getcontact makes paid subscription offers in some countries. These subscription fees are collected from your iTunes or Google Play account. If you would like to purchase a premium subscription for Getcontact, you will need a billing permission.

4.Is Getcontact a third party application? No. Getcontact reaches the end user directly via AppleStore and Google Play platforms.

5.Does Getcontact share your data with 3rd parties?  No. Getcontact will no way share your data with 3rd parties.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any concerns about data privacy and other topics: help@getcontact.com