Una aplicación que se centra en su seguridad: Getcontact

Con Getcontact, puede evitar todas las llamadas molestas en su región. ¡Es una manera estupenda de identificar a quien llama!

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Experiencias de usuarios reales

This app is very user-friendly. It makes you stay psychologically in a good condition by protecting you against commercial and scam calls.


Mikhail | 2019-04-05 06:54

It’s a great application to block commercial, scam and spam calls!

Adrian Abr

Adrian Abr | 2019-04-05 22:34

It’s a very useful application and easy-to-use. It shows you spam and disturbing calls.

Google User

Google User | 2018-11-07 10:58

Thank you for this wonderful app. An unknown number called me, and I didn’t answer. Then I searched it and found out that it was a scam call, so I didn’t call it back. Thanks again!


Betty | 2018-08-07 11:00

This application identifies unwanted calls or calls coming from frauds. And you don’t need to answer them anymore. Super! 5 stars is not enough, it deserves 10 stars!

David Bes

David Bes | 2019-03-13 11:05