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ОСТОРОЖНО МОШЕННИКИ!❗❗❗ . Это милое фото никак не связано с дальнейшим текстом. Сорри, но я не стала заморачиваться🤷‍♀️ . Итак, на днях мне поступил звонок. Приятный мужской голос поведал мне, что он сотрудник Сбербанка и только что была зафиксирована попытка снятия денег с моей карты. Он спросил, я ли это была и попросил проверить на месте ли карта. Ну и так далее... А когда он попросил меня назвать суммы средств на каждой из карт я оторвала телефон от уха и ВНИМЕНИЕ! Посмотрела как определился этот номер у меня! Да-Да! Спасибо разработчикам приложения Getcontact. Номер определился как "мошенники сбербанка, развод". После этого наш разговор складывался совсем другим образом😎 Это приложение выручало меня много раз. Как только ни определялись номера, частенько были совсем не цензурные слова. Рекомендую его установить, оно сэкономит Вам кучу времени, спасая от нежелательных разговоров. И будьте бдительны!!! Не давайте никакой информации по телефону! . #мошенники #гетконтакт #полезныеприложения #невсежешарыпостить

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Instagram user @partys_style tells that a person who presented himself as a bank employee was identified as a fraud on Getcontact. Stating that similar incidents have happened to her before and Getcontact saved her every time. partys_style encourages people to download Getcontact because she believes it is a perfect app to avoid unknown numbers.

VK user @Подслушано Химки says that a person who called from an unknown number presented himself as a Sberbank employee and asked him questions about his personal privacy. Химки indicates that he searched this number on Getcontact to see it was marked as "scam" so he blocked this malicious call. Химки also warns all Russian citizens against such cases and advises using Getcontact.

VK user @Око планеты describes Getcontact as an app used for identifying unknown numbers and protecting its users from spam calls. The VK user states that the app which gained popularity in 2018 has millions of users and also emphasizes that Getcontact is among the top free apps on App Store and Google Play Store in Russia.

An user mentions he got within the authorized service providers' area of interest after he bought a secondhand car and signed up for a related forum website. Having got rid of these calls thanks to Getcontact, he advises everyone to use Getcontact against such websites that share your data without your consent.

In a post on MigReview, it is stated that Getcontact saves you time by identifying malicious calls such as telemarketing calls, calls for so-called services, etc.

VK user @Признание Благовещенск tells that he got a message from a woman with a private account, saying she wanted to meet. He continues saying that she wanted a serious relationship but started demanding for money. And he sees the number was tagged as "money scammer" when he searches it on Getcontact. He adds there are people who may fall into this trap though he didn't find the story convincing.

Instagram user @mary_ramon tells how she got rid of persistent calls from insurance companies thanks to Getcontact. Emphasizing she can also view how other users have tagged her, mary_ramon says she sometimes sees quite funny expressions.

VK user @ЧЕРНЫЙ СПИСОК states a number has been calling him lately and sending him threat messages. When he searches the number on Getcontact, he finds out this number has been disturbing other people, too.

Pikabu user @DruzNeSanek tells one of his friends bought a drinking water filter system for her house and after she shared his phone number with this company he started to be subject to everlasting calls. He says he could avoid calls from this company by using Getcontact's spam marking feature, and he recommends Getcontact to everyone.

Instagram user @tehnoezh says that he has been disturbed by unknown numbers all the time and he has found the solution in Getcontact. He also adds that with Getcontact's caller identification feature, he can see who is calling and avoid unwanted calls in this way.

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