Frequently Asked Questions

Is Getcontact a paid application?

You can use Getcontact for free. We offer you different kinds of subscriptions to allow you to use certain features with higher limits. Subscription offers and pricing may vary from one country to another. You can view subscription offers that are valid in your region from the Profile page. For more information, please contact us at support@getcontact.com.

My Getcontact account doesn't get activated, I don't receive any PIN code.

Please make sure you have entered your phone number correctly and try again 15 minutes later. If you do not receive a PIN code, please contact us at support@getcontact.com.

Can I search by name?

Getcontact identifies callers only by phone number. Unfortunately, it is not possible to search by name.

What to do if phone number is maked as spam?

Spam identification works with an algorithm. Getcontact reviews the feedback of millions of users and decides whether a call is spam or not. And rest assured our algorithm is being improved day by day.

How can I block spam calls?

You can manage spam calls by searching a number and reporting it.

I accidentally marked a number as spam.

You can manage your spam marks by using the spam menu.

Why do I find only certain phone numbers? Why can't I identify all numbers?

Getcontact cares about the privacy of its users. We do not provide identification for the number of a user who does not want to be visible.

What is Getcontact PIN?

Getcontact always shares the most accurate information. To ensure the secure use of Getcontact to all our users, you should confirm your number by entering a one-time password.

How does a tag work? How can I add tags?

Apart from the caller identification, Getcontact offers you the feature of adding tags. You can add tags from the section of "add tag" on the profile page after you search a phone number of another Getcontact user.

Can I add tags for myself?

As per the Getcontact community standards, the feature of adding tag cannot be used for your own profile; however, you can add tags for other users.

How can I edit or delete my tags?

You can see and manage your tags in your profile which is in the "Other" menu. Please swipe to the left the tag you want to edit.

How can I change my name in Getcontact?

You can edit your Getcontact ID in the profile section. Your profile name is prioritized in call identification.

How can I make my phone number invisible for contacts?

You can adjust your visibility settings via the following link: https://www.getcontact.com/manage Changes are updated in our servers within 24 hours. You can contact us at support@getcontact.com in case your changes are not updated.

How can I delete my search history?

You can clear search history by using the “Clean" button. You must clean the call history of your phone to clean the call history in the app.

Why aren't unknown callers identified?

Unknown callers are managed by operators. A number should not be unknown to allow Getcontact to identify it.

The caller ID of an incoming call is not identified.

iOS operating system can identify only the numbers marked as spam. The call card feature is supported by Android devices. In order to use the call card feature in an Android device, you must allow "Call history". For more information, you can contact us at support@getcontact.com.

Why do I see only 1 result?

Getcontact offers its users the feature of adding tags and you can view all the tags that are added.

What is error code 5001?

You may be receiving this error due to a temporary problem of access to the Getcontact servers. You can wait for a while after exiting the app and try again later. In case the problem persists, please contact us at support@getcontact.com.

What is error code 5003?

There may be several reasons for this error code. You must have an active internet connection to use the app. Please check your internet connection. This problem might also be occurring due to restrictions of access introduced by governments on some IPs or domains.

Can I see who added tags for me?

Tags are anonymous. You can edit your tags in your profile.

My phone number is marked as spam.

To make a correction for a number marked as spam, you can reach us at support@getcontact.com We will look into the situation and let you know about it.

How can I block a phone number?

You can block a number by going to its details.

Will my phonebook contacts become searchable by others who use Getcontact?

Getcontact never publishes contacts from your phone book and does not make them searchable. Permission to access your phonebook contacts can be granted only with your consent and can be used only for the sole purpose for which you have provided it..