Protection from Spam

Our priority is your security. Every day, we analyse thousands of calls to detect potential fraud and spam callers. We aim to keep you safe by blocking malicious numbers.

Assistant Service

Would you like to know who called you when your phone was busy or off? What about listening to the voicemails left to you whenever you want? By activating the Assistant Service, you can start enjoying the features we offer to you.


Channels are unique tools that allow you to broadcast your messages to unlimited number of audiences. You can create a channel and share your content, join communities that share your interests, or watch the content of people you are a fan of and support them.

Data Security & Privacy

Protecting our user’s privacy is of the utmost importance for Getcontact, we maintain the highest levels of technical and operational compliance measures under the benchmark of the GDPR. That is why we have developed a fully dedicated Privacy Management Centre so that you have full control of your profile and privacy preferences where you can easily manage your visibility settings, amend tags and profile appearance, delete or un-list your contact profile and much more...

Caller Identification

It is your right to know who is calling you! With the Caller ID feature, you can instantly learn the identity of an unknown caller even if they are not in your contacts.


Meet Getcontact Chats for a great chat experience! With the Getcontact Chats feature, we offer you a chat experience with enhanced privacy.


Getcontact is compatible with your personal computer as well as your mobile phone. You can visit to discover more.
Visit to discover.

Shortcuts for iPhone

In the call history section of your device, you can tap on the "i" icon to see the details of the phone number you'd like to get information about and then tap on the "Share Contact" option in the details.

If there is no Getcontact option on the pop-up screen, you can enable Getcontact by tapping on the "More" option.

This way, you can quickly identify calls from the call history without opening the Getcontact app.